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Proper nutrition plays a very important role in the treatment process. In our resort you do not have to choose between tasty and useful because our chefs prepare a stunningly delicious and varied food.

Catering in the resort is one of the main components of spa treatment and rest of patients.

Proper, rational and healthy food for each person  is the intake of a wide variety of nutrients needed for the constant renewal of all cells and normal functioning of organs. Therapeutic food should not only ensure the maintenance of the energy needs, but also to be self-healing factor that allows you easier to cope with the ailment.

Proper diet:

Our chefs prepare a stunningly delicious and varied food.

The menu is in accordance with the requirements of the physiology of nutrition, dietetics and the profile of the sanatorium.

Eating 5 meals a day and is built on the basis of long-term 3-week menu for adults (summer and winter version), taking into account the natural law. Formed on the basis of orders of patients, which allows freedom of choice with individual taste and utility.

At the request of the patients are assigned fasting days: meat, cheese, kefir, vegetable (apple), etc.

Every 7 days conducted monitoring natural nutritional standards, the content of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Also conducted a laboratory analysis of food, constant monitoring of sanitary and hygienic state of the catering department.

Catering department is equipped with modern technological refrigeration equipment. Our clients are served by cooks and waiters of 4,5 and 6 categories.


 1  BREAKFAST  8:30  9:15
 2  DINNER  13:00  14:00
 3  SNACK  16:00  17:00
 4  DINNER  18:30  19:15
 5  KEFIR overnight    

Please observe the schedule. Service is carried out only at the specified time.