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Mineral water "Letchanskaya" therapy

Mineral water "Letchanskaya" - medical-table sulfate-chloride sodium.

Chemical composition, mg / dm3: 100-350 HCO3- anions, SO2- / 4, 450-750, 1300-1800 CL2-, cations Ca2 +> 50, Mg2 + <100, Na + and K + 850-1350. Mineralization of 3,51-5,62 g / dm3, well depth of 420 m.

It can be used by on prescription for diseases: diseases of the mouth and teeth, chronic gastritis with normal and low gastric secretory function, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, chronic liver disease and biliary tract (hepatitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis), chronic pancreatitis, metabolic diseases (diabetes, gout, obesity, urine acid diathesis, oxaluria, phosphaturia), chronic kidney disease and urinary tract infections, kidney stones, premenstrual syndrome, the condition of withdrawal, chronic fatigue syndrome.