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Sanatorium Neman-72 is located 1.5 km northwest of the city of Grodno in the tract Grandichi.  Avgustov  Dense Forest in the west and from the north to the Lithuanian forest reserves, the proximity of the river Neman form a unique ecological system, characterized by a high content of volatile production in the air and negative ions. Neighborhoods of resorts are a climatic resort area. Clean air, birdsong, rustling leaves and fascinating river create an opportunity in the summer to enjoy the sun, combined with a swim and a walk. The purity of nature creates a rich fauna and flora, which is dominated by the typical plant and animal spring species.

The picturesque landscapes with the natural ups and downs, a combination of flat and large undulating relief allow to use adjacent to the sanatorium woodland dosed walking on the developed routes. While walking, patients breathe pure forest air, enriched with resinous essential oils, natural sweet smells, negative ions of oxygen and ozone.