Official site of the sanatorium "Neman-72"

Sanatorium Neman-72 is located 1.5 km northwest of the city of Grodno in the tract Grandichi. Avgustov Dense Forest in the west and from the north to the Lithuanian forest reserves, the proximity of the river Neman form a unique ecological system, characterized by a high content of volatile production in the air and negativeions. Neighborhoods resorts - climatic resort area.

Accommodation: Single bed room, 2-bed 2-room and 2-bed 1-room apartments (2-bed standard).

Infrastructure: a small swimming pool to practice gymnastics, a library, a cinema, a newspaper kiosk, a dance hall, a summer dance pavilion, gym (wall bars, sports), sports ground (volleyball, basketball, football), table tennis, water (river Neman), parking (not guarded ), children's room, children's playground, post office, payphone.

Feeding: balanced 5-time meal. The canteen is located in: dining hall-club on the 2nd floor.  Fresh vegetables and fruits, natural juices are always on the table.






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