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Pneumatic compression therapy

Lymphatic drainage (compression therapy) – is the impact on the lymphatic system of the compressed air supplied through the boots. The idea of ​​this procedure is to activate the receptors of the cells responsible for the breakdown of fat, and simultaneously purify and saturate the skin with oxygen. This is a method of physiotherapy, which is a process for the mechanical action on the underlying tissues, resulting in the displacement of this surplus extracellular fluid – lymph drainage. Only one procedure performed by the apparatus for pressure replaces 20-30 sessions of manual massage.

Work unit for pressure mimics muscle contractions. Undulating movement created by air pressure, help to improve blood and lymph circulation. And it is just necessary in overt and covert edema and lymphostasis and excretion of excess liquid. That in itself leads to weight loss, correction of figure flaws, get rid of edema of various origins, of cellulite and improves elasticity of tissues. The lymphatic system is also important for the life of the body, as well as circulatory.

Unlike the circulatory system, which has a motor – heart, closed the lymphatic system does not have such a motor. At low physical activity in people who are prone to sedentary life inevitably occurs lymphedema (lymphatic stasis). It is large lymph nodes are a kind of “waste collectors,” where accumulate toxins and viruses, breakdown products of protein and fat, so need constant stimulation and drainage of large lymph nodes and lymph system throughout. When lymphostasis disturbed microcirculation, reduced working capacity, decreased immunity, there is swelling and is formed cellulite, overweight, heavy and sharp pains in the legs, varicose veins. The procedure for compression therapy is a way that helps to cope with this problem.

The lymphatic system cleanses the human body. Compression therapy, displays the body of excess fluid and harmful substances, restores the water balance, due to the normalization of the circulation of lymph and interstitial fluid. With the help of section collars which are placed on different parts of the body (arms, legs, abdomen), pumped the air waves compresses the soft tissue, activating blood circulation and sluggish circulation and lymph flow.

Due to such influence excess interstitial fluid, congestive venous blood returning to the peripheral vessels “full circle”, begin to circulate, displays the body of accumulated metabolic products. It leads to weight loss, correction of figure flaws, get rid of edema of various origins, of cellulite and improves elasticity tissues.

Thus, it improves blood circulation, increases sweating and rhythmic pressure fluctuations perform lymphatic drainage massage. This massage not only displays the excess fluid from the tissues and products of metabolism from the intercellular space, but also eliminates puffiness, tones the vascular walls. Also, compression therapy gives excellent results if you have already met this disease as varicose veins. Holding press therapeutic procedures in some cases allows avoiding surgical intervention.

In case of postoperative edema compression therapy is considered to be almost the only effective way to provide emergency aid. Compression therapy rather quickly strengthens and rejuvenates the body. Compression therapy for legs is good at helping to women to remove puffiness who are in the 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy. For a perfect exposure is recommended a course of 8-10 procedures every day or two. After the procedure, you are a long time will feel the warmth, and feel rested and full of energy, as compression therapy has a pronounced relaxing effect.

Moreover, a good lymph circulation stimulates the body’s defenses, increasing its immunity and stress!

Indications for compression therapy:

  • varicose veins and the prevention of it, chronic venous disease, postoperative ligation of blood vessels;
  • complex correction procedures (cellulite and obesity);
  • lymphedema and lymphatic edema;
  • edema of different origin (post-traumatic stress after arthritis, multiple sclerosis or rheumatic symptoms, postoperative, prevention and treatment of edema in excessive stress);
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • cerebral palsy and paralysis of the limbs;
  • improvement of the lymphatic system in pregnant women;
  • bed-patients, regardless of the cause (surgery, spinal injury, chronic illness);
  • Oncology (radical mastectomy);
  • prevention of venous thrombosis and post-thrombotic syndrome;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • trophic ulcers of the legs (edema and without);
  • prevention of prostatitis;
  • obstruction of the bowel, constipation;
  • exercise, weakness, fatigue, insomnia;
  • in order to improve the tone, restore skin elasticity for a correction in the syndrome of “restless legs”;
  • improve immunity and stress resistance.

Contraindications for compression therapy:

  • recent history of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
  • circulatory failure II B – III stage, swelling of cardiac and renal origin in renal failure and liver disease;
  • Micro and macroangiopathy in diabetes;
  • during the menstrual cycle and the threat of termination of pregnancy;
  • sensory disturbances or existing acute inflammation and suppuration of the skin;
  • open wounds and fractures;
  • malignant tumors, benign tumors susceptible to growth;
  • uncompensated high blood pressure (above 180 mm.rt. cent.);
  • body temperature above 38C.