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Vacuum cellulite massage on the unit «Body Health»

Vacuum massage – is a hardware correction technique intended to fight cellulite, excess body fat, to increase skin elasticity. We perform vacuum massage treatments using the apparatus BodyHealth.

In this case, our visitors get a combined vacuum-roller massage. The operating principle of the device is quite simple: inside the nozzle creates a vacuum; the skin is pulled inward, and then rolled under the influence of attachment clips. This achieves a double effect: the vacuum and roller massage simultaneously.

The efficiency of vacuum on the problem areas is to enhance circulation, increase lymph flow in the treated areas. This is particularly important in the edematous form of cellulite when it is accompanied by violation of lymph flow and venous blood in problem areas. Because of this, no toxins and wastes, and nutrients and oxygen are not just entering the cell. The most common forms of cellulite developed with reduced physical activity, sedentary life, office workers, etc.

In this case, vacuum massage effect on tissue temporarily expanding venous and lymphatic vessels, resulting in improved lymphatic flow, current of venous blood. They also carry all the “garbage” of the problem areas, thereby reducing the volume of the solid body healthy body, aligning the skin surface. And due to active enrichment of cells with oxygen strengthens the processes of lipolysis (breakdown of fat), and the person loses weight.

Action roller massage is the mechanical working of deep tissue massaging inaccessible to the ordinary manual massage. It also facilitates the flow of fresh, oxygenated blood to the tissue to be treated and an outflow of venous blood, lymph fluid.

In general, a course of vacuum massage can solve such problems as:

  • Cellulite at all stages of its development;
  • Local fat deposits and total obesity;
  • Modeling body contouring and creating a silhouette;
  • Lift the stretched skin, giving it elasticity;
  • Smoothing sagging skin;
  • Getting rid of toxins, toxins, accumulated waste products of the cells;
  • Improve the circulation of blood and lymph in the body;
  • Get rid of bruises, swelling, and muscle spasms.

The disadvantages of vacuum massage can be painful during the procedure, as well as bruising, leave the equipment on the body, but it all depends on individual sensitivity and tolerance of the human body. Do not use a vacuum massage and a number of medical contraindications.