Санаторий "Неман 72"

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A healthy stomach


  • chronic gastritis
  • gastroduodenity
  • diseases of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas
  • chronic constipation.


Composition of procedures Number of procedures
14 days 21 day  
Reception and supervision of a physician 2-3 4-5  
Diet therapy constantly constantly  
Climatotherapy daily daily  
Balneotherapy 1 species (coniferous, valeric, iodine-bromine bath) or hydropathy (ascending shower, bubble bath “Akvadelitsiya”) 5 8  
Thermo -mudtherapy 5 8  
Aromatherapy 5 8  
Phytotherapy (stomach, choleretic, sedative, vitamin collection) -1 views 6 9  
Physiotherapy exercises 5 8  
Physiotherapy – according to indications, but not more than 2 procedures 6 8  
Mineral water consumption 30 45  

Expected impact:

  • pain syndrome reduction
  • normalization of digestion
  • improved appetite and well-being

Recommended procedures to improve the therapeutic effect (for an extra charge):

  • dry carbon dioxide baths
  • hydromassage
  • oxygen cocktail
  • phytotea:stomach, choleretic, sedative
  • mud pack
  • SPA capsule
  • “Bioptron therapy”
  • bath: turpentine, sea with aromatic oils, coniferous, iodine-bromine, pearl, mineral, and other bishofit.
  • whirlpool sedentary bath
  • Vacuum massage apparatus of abdomen (improved intestinal motility)
  • vibratory massage (relaxation chair)
  • manual medical massage of the abdomen
  • sauna, swimming pool
  • physiotherapy
  • phyto suppository
  • mechanical treatment

Note: doctor after examining the patient has the right to make changes to the program taking into account existing indications and contraindications. Compensation in such cases are not provide

Program Participant is required to  have:

  • health resort card
  • laboratory tests (common blood test, blood sugar, blood test for RV, urinalysis)
  • ECG
  • Flyurography
  • gynecological examination

Taking into account the individual characteristics and comorbidities of the patient doctor may change the complex treatment program.