Sanatorium “Neman-72”

pin230031, Belarus, Grodno, Sanatornaya st, 23

About us

From history

Sanatorium “Neman-72″was opened in 1972. It is located in a unique natural bio-system, which is represented by oak and birch groves, pine forests. The resort is located in the floodplain of the river Neman. In the west to adjoin the August forest tracts. This creates a unique natural air environment saturated with negative Aeron and sweet smells of pine needles.

2000 – Opening of the rehabilitation department for children with diseases of the endocrine system.
2004 – the beginning of providing services on improvement of children with neurological and neurological diseases..
2011 – The 2nd building was put into operation after capital renovation
2012 – The resort celebrated its 40th anniversary. Put into operation after overhaul 1st building
2014 – June 1 opened the third building for adult body.

Mission is to provide the sanatorium and health services to the citizens of Belarus and foreign citizens through continuous quality control; staff development and modernization of the equipment.

Vision is the market leader in the CIS and the Republic of Belarus to provide the population of health resort and wellness services.

Profile of the sanatorium is treatment and prevention of the circulatory system and the digestive system, respiratory system, endocrine system.

Sanatorium Neman-72 is located 1.5 km northwest of the city of Grodno in the tract Grandichi. Avgustov Dense Forest in the west and from the north to the Lithuanian forest reserves, the proximity of the river Neman form a unique ecological system, characterized by a high content of volatile production in the air and negative ions. Neighborhoods resorts – climatic resort area.


It’s three 3-storey buildings (without elevators and transitions),a medical building, an administrative building, a dining club. Room capacity is 250 beds. There are 1- and 2-bed rooms, as well as the category of “double 2-room.”

Schedule of sanatorium: check in – 08.00 a.m. of the first day of the tour. Check out – till 20.00.


There is a small swimming pool to practice gymnastics, a library, a cinema, a newspaper kiosk, a dance hall, a summer dance pavilion, gym (wall bars, sports), sports ground (volleyball, basketball, football), table tennis, water (river Neman), parking (not guarded ), children’s room, children’s playground, post office, payphone.

Visiting a sauna with a swimming pool, phytobar, room for psychological relax – vacationers get indelible impressions.

Sports contests, walk in the picturesque surroundings, coupled with medical procedures provide improved health for a long time.

Hotel services and facilities: cinema, library, summer volleyball, children’s playgrounds and sports fields, table tennis. Guests are offered tours on Belarus. Organized performances of Belarusian music, concert and entertainment programs, parties, theater and sports events, concerts, amateur performances, karaoke, disco for children, dance evenings for adults.


Nutrition adult vacationers performed on the customized menu, prepared in accordance with a two-week menu based on seasonal ingredients. Dining room of resort has 300 seats. Vacationers are provided with individual linen napkins. The dining room is equipped with a high-quality glass and porcelain crockery single sample, cutlery made of stainless steel.

Feeding children taken to the sanatorium, made set menus in two ways. The basis for the preparation of the menu is a rational perspective view of a two-week menu with the age of the children. The seasonal factor is taken into account in organizing the supply.

Dietary food organized dietary P, N, D and B. In the presence of food allergies holidaymakers organized individual diet with exception of “guilty” products. The resort has its own specialties; the menu proposes a lot of Belarusian national dishes. The campers are widely used nutritional fruits and vegetables, seafood saltwater fish, juices, dairy products and others.

The sanatorium works all year round. The recovery of holidaymakers is widely used conventional natural and preformed physical factors: the bath (sodium chloride, bromine with sea salt, pine, and valerian, pearl), hydro massage, electro and light therapy, thermotherapy, inhalations, oxygen therapy, wellness massage. Widely used unconventional methods of treatment: aerophytotherapy, speleotherapy, color therapy, aromatherapy.

Modern ultrasound equipment allowing diagnosing various diseases of the heart and other organs and systems evaluated for the latest devices to respiratory and cardiovascular system, get instant conclusion after computer processing of the final results.

For registration is necessary to have a passport (children – birth certificate); health resort card, or an extract from the patient card (valid for more than one month before the date of arrival in the spa).

When you check into a sanatorium resort fee payable by citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens – in the amount of 3% of the cost of the tour (18 years of age and older).