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Spa capsule

The SPA capsule performs the following procedure:

  • Anti-cellulite program;
  • Weight loss;
  • Restoring skin elasticity;
  • Skin rejuvenation;
  • Removing of muscle fatigue;
  • Detox;
  • Stress relief;
  • Water procedures;
  • Meditation;
  • Anti-cellulite wrapping with”Biola”.

SPA-service: spa-wrapping, spa-capsule.

Capsule «Dermalife ™ Spa-Jet» concentrated in itself most useful natural influences – a full-fledged holiday resort. Procedures in the capsule greatly enhance the effectiveness of any beauty tools, masks, wraps, etc. The calm atmosphere and pleasant music during the procedure will immerse you in a state of relaxation. After the procedure, you will feel relaxed, full of strength and energy.

A description of some of body treatments:

“Restoring skin elasticity”

This efficient procedure is to strengthen the body to help restore elasticity and firmness of the skin and model your silhouette. The active ingredients of the mask have the properties of actively restore collagen and elastin fibers, to prevent the collapse of the components necessary to maintain the normal structure of the skin. Prevents signs of sagging, orange peel effect, reduces fatigue and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.

“Anti-cellulite program”

This procedure is particularly suitable for those who suffer from cellulite. It is designed to reduce the volume and is particularly effective in the fight against unsightly spoil the figure savings. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and get tangible modeling line silhouette. The skin becomes smooth, firm and elastic, and at the same time relaxed and charged with energy. Used algae mask is a real cocktail of active marine substances, it has a powerful effect of mineralization, while removing accumulated fats and toxins and helping to relieve fatigue.

“Stress Relief”

Gently overcoming headaches and muscle pain, this procedure can be used in place of the relaxation sessions and improve well-being. Breathing calms down, the body relaxes and the stress goes away just as if you enjoyed the flowers on top of the meadow. The procedure ends with a full body massage in which essential oils are used to stimulate the body’s own ability, to reduce stress and restore the wellbeing of body and soul.


This procedure is designed to remove toxins from the body; it has a relaxing and soothing effect. Detoxifying properties of essential oils and seaweed extracts help to remove excess water, improve skin condition and improve microcirculation.


“Skin Rejuvenation” is a process of demineralization and repair the skin. It provides intensive moisturizing and toning the skin, improves its elasticity and overall nutrition to achieve the effect of rejuvenation. Relax and enjoy the constant heat, until your skin from toxins. Your skin is enriched with a complex of minerals, micro and macro elements, vitamins, which are abundantly present in the mask enriched with algae. The mask also has an excellent effect on the regeneration of cells, their growth and tissues of the body’s regeneration. This treatment will leave your skin hydrated, rich and protected from external influences for a long time.

“Removal of muscle fatigue”

Moderate heat is ideal for relaxing muscles and reducing the stiffness of the joints by improving blood circulation. Removing local spasm frees up energy to a point of tension that helps relieve the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, and osteochondrosis. The program is ideal for muscular and emotional relaxation.