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Laser therapy

A systematic approach to the treatment of joints: laser

Nowadays, the main diseases of the joints remain arthritis and osteoarthritis. Arthritis is usually accompanied by infections: tuberculosis, urogenital organ inflammation, chronic respiratory tract infection. Thus, the disease occurs when loosening and inadequate protection mechanisms of the immune system reactivity.

The occurrence of osteoarthritis is less connected with the immune system, and more factors such as age, endocrine disorders, female gender and hereditary disorders. And obviously, in the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis need complex effects on the body, including the local therapy with modern devices.

In medicine, laser therapy is used in two main ways: surgery – to coagulate tissue during operations and physiotherapy – to initiate biological effects. At the cellular level, the impact of the laser is accompanied by very complex changes. Laser biophysical parameters alters membrane trophism improves and accelerates the enzymatic reaction.

Thus, local effects of the laser leads to improved blood supply to the tissues that are affected by the laser. However, in addition to local action and has the total, namely the stimulation of immunological processes and the inclusion of pituitary-adrenal system. This leads to a pronounced anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

The laser light penetrates the tissues deeply enough – 9-12 centimeters, providing local and general stimulus. Therefore physiotherapists laser apparatus used for treating joints of the spine, legs and arms. The efficacy of laser therapy in the treatment of sciatica, osteoarthritis, gout, and even when a herniated disc.

At the same time, laser therapy, as well as any medical effects, has a number of contraindications: it is blood diseases, active tuberculosis, the presence of malignant tumors, diabetes decompensation, liver failure, kidney or heart.

Under such conditions as pregnancy, thyrotoxicosis and the presence of a pacemaker, the decision on the appointment of laser therapy is taken after the joint advice of a physiotherapist and doctor, and subsequently carried out under the supervision of the latter.