Sanatorium “Neman-72”

pin230031, Belarus, Grodno, Sanatornaya st, 23



  • Asthenoneurotic state
  • Autonomic dysfunction syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
Composition of procedures Number of procedures
14 days 21 day
Reception and supervision of a physician 2-3 4-5
Diet therapy constantly constantly
Climatotherapy daily daily
Balneotherapy 1 species (coniferous, valeric, iodine-bromine bath) or hydropathy (ascending shower) 5 8
Massage Manual – 1 zone (neck area) 5 8
Aromatherapy 5 8
Herbal medicine (sedation or vitamins collection gathering) 5 8
Physiotherapy 5 8
Physiotherapy – according to indications, but not more than 2 procedures 5 8

Expected effects:

  • Increased activity, vitality, reduction of neurotic symptoms.
  • The disappearance of headache, irritability.
  • Improved mood, sleep.

Recommended procedures to improve the therapeutic effect (for an extra charge):

  • dry carbonate bath
  • hydromassage
  • oxygen cocktail
  • phyto suppository
  • phytoteas
  • sauna
  • pool
  • mechanical treatment
  • reflexology, OLBI
  • SPA capsule
  • “Bioptron therapy”
  • vacuum massage
  • vibratory massage (relaxing chair)
  • baths (pearl, turpentine, whirlpool, sea bath with aromatic oils, pine, bishofit mineral cleansers with the addition of aromatic oils 33 herbs, “Bitter Chocolate”, “recipes of Cleopatra” and others.)
  • physiotherapy

Note: doctor after examining the patient has the right to make changes to the program taking into account existing indications and contraindications. Compensation in such cases is not provided!