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Oxygen cocktails

The benefits of an oxygen cocktail 
Every woman wants to shine with health, striking surrounding a beautiful complexion and delight the velvet skin stay young as long as possible. Every mother wants her children to be healthy and strong, less sick, and enjoyed successes at school. Oxygen cocktails help to realize all your desires.

What is an oxygen cocktail? 
Oxygen cocktail – is creamy foam from the juice, phytosolutions or any other beverage that is saturated with pure oxygen. Now oxygen cocktails have become very popular. The use of oxygen cocktails – is a fast and simple way to support the body’s oxygen. These cocktails are consumed via tube or eaten with a spoon. Typically the basis of oxygen cocktails is packaged fruit juice or mixtures thereof, used for preparing a milkshake. Oxygen acts as an oxidizing agent, reinforcing warp and taste imparting foam fresh fruit taste. Traditionally, for the preparation of oxygen cocktails apply clarified packaged fruit juices, such as grape, apple, cherry, as well as various fruit drinks.

The composition of oxygen cocktails. 
The composition of oxygen cocktail consists of oxygen bubbles, foam and herbal cocktails. As phyto-cocktail can be used as a medicine, and vitamin component. If needed, apply and flavorings. Foam components today are the egg white, gelatin, or licorice root infusion. These components may be interchanged or used a mixture thereof. Typically used licorice root or dry egg protein. Natural protein does not apply because of the limited shelf life of the cocktail (2 days of preparation) and because of the risk of contracting salmonella. Application of the gelatin takes about 6 hours.

Medicinal components (syrups or decoctions of various herbs) in cocktails commonly used in sanatoriums and rest homes. The most common use of syrups as broths requires time to prepare. A composition as in syrups, flavoring agents is included. Vitamin components (juice, fruit and berry syrups) were added to cocktails in the phyto-bar. In nightclubs, cafes and bars, you can try an oxygen cocktail, which includes alcohol. The most delicious cocktails are considered on the basis of aromatic wine. Remember that oxygen neutralizes the harm done by alcohol to the human body.

Preparation technology of oxygen cocktails. 
To prepare the oxygen cocktail is possible by means of cocktail device (conventional method), while the formed foam is less dense and more air and be means of oxygen mixer, but the oxygen content in it is much smaller. For the preparation of oxygen cocktails to the oxygen concentrator connected cocktail device – a special device in which the formation of foam from the liquid base, which it installed. The basis for it can be any drink, even plain water. Most delicious cocktail obtained from packaged or fresh juice. In the chosen drink for the formation of foam is added to a small amount of foaming agent. Then turn on the hub, it opens the flow of oxygen and air formed a delicious drink.

The benefit of an oxygen cocktail. 
Since oxygen is supplied through the tissues much more than through the lungs, the use of an oxygen cocktail is obvious. One portion of the oxygen cocktail can be compared with a good walk in the woods. Oxygen cocktails beautifully enrich the human body with pure oxygen, eliminating him from hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency, can easily cope with the symptoms of chronic fatigue, insomnia, help in dealing with stressful situations, they are good food for the brain, as well as beautifully restored it after prolonged mental stress. Oxygen cocktail restores intestinal microflora and, consequently, improve the digestive process, accelerates the process of splitting of nutrients. These properties help cocktail in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines.

In addition, oxygen cocktails contribute to the treatment of functional disorders of the central nervous system that occurs due to emotional and physical overload, hypotension, hypertension, stress, heart disease, chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, cirrhosis in compensation stage. Regular use of an oxygen cocktail as a preventive measure enhances immunity and performance. It is recommended to drink oxygen cocktail to people, leading a sedentary lifestyle, as well as to improve the conditions for pregnant women of the baby.

The use of an oxygen cocktail is necessary to school-age children, thanks to it the child will be easier to assimilate school material and to cope with the lessons. Oxygen cocktail strengthen the immune system of your child and protect against viruses in the colder periods of the year.

Regular consumption of oxygen cocktails purifies and rejuvenates the skin, because the capillary network and skin cells are saturated with oxygen. In addition, due to the properties of the oxygen cocktail reduced the feeling of constant hunger (due to filling of the stomach drink, containing almost no calories) and improves the metabolism, so it is recommended to use for people who want to reduce their weight to cleanse the body, combined with a low calorie diet.

A few days of fasting with the use of an oxygen cocktail are comparable to a conventional week of fasting.

People who frequent the gym and experiencing fatigue after exercise are also recommended to drink oxygen cocktails. They replenish pure oxygen, which is necessary muscles under load remove tiredness and lead body to a normal state.

To restore the normal operation of an adult needs to drink oxygen cocktails at one portion in the morning, two – night. Kids also enough one morning and one evening glass. Oxygen cocktail is never superfluous. Therefore, if possible, do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy a recreational dose.