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Roller vibro-massage on the massage chair

Roller vibro-massage is performed by longitudinal movement of the metal rolls along the spine from the tailbone to the neck. Comparing the hardware massage on the motion of rolls with the classic, it is considered close to the kneading. Impact rolls internal projector provides effects and acupressure. Pathological processes in Skin and Musculoskeletal reflex can affect internal organs. Pressing during a massage on certain points improves the functioning of internal organs and reduces pain.

In the back is represented by a set of nodes and lymph vessels, lymph flow multidirectional, which must take into account the classical manual massage, conducted in accordance with the current lymph.

Movement rolls internal projector also runs in both directions, providing the drainage of lymphatic vessels of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar area, vibrating seat and pneumocompression legs help to eliminate stagnation of the abdominal cavity and pelvis, as well as peripheral circulation.