Sanatorium “Neman-72”

pin230031, Belarus, Grodno, Sanatornaya st, 23

About us

Sanatorium Neman-72 is located 1.5 km northwest of the city of Grodno in the tract Grandichi. Avgustov Dense Forest in the west and from the north to the Lithuanian forest reserves, the proximity of the river Neman form a unique ecological system, characterized by a high content of volatile production in the air and negativeions. Neighborhoods resorts - climatic resort area.

Come relax and get better!

Accommodation conditions

Building 1 – Single room

from 81 rub. / day

Room with all amenities.

Special Offer

Building 2 – Double Standard

from 78 rub. / day

Room with all amenities.


Building 3 – Double two-room

from 87 rub. / day

Room with all amenities.


Rest and treatment with us

Modern ultrasound equipment allowing diagnosing various diseases of the heart and other organs and systems evaluated for the latest devices to respiratory and cardiovascular system, get instant conclusion after computer processing of the final results.


It enriches the air with ions essential oils, "revives" and brings it to the air of forests and fields, thus contributing to the normalization of metabolism in the human body

Spa capsule

The SPA capsule performs the following procedure: anti-cellulite program, weight loss, restoring skin elasticity, skin rejuvenation, detox...


The use of dry sodium chloride aerosol iodized salt penetration into the bronchial tubes helps to reduce swelling of the bronchial mucosa, thinning and removal of phlegm.

Oxygen cocktails

Oxygen cocktail – is creamy foam from the juice, phytosolutions or any other beverage that is saturated with pure oxygen.

Light breath

The program is designed for the recovery of patients with disorders of the respiratory system.


Phytobaths - are used for diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous system, skin diseases, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as anti-inflammatory and general tonic.



Lyme – Lithuania

Star Star Star Star Star

I rested in a sanatorium with a child in the 2nd building. Remained very satisfied! The food is delicious, the room is warm and always cleaned, cartoons in the evenings, discos. Special thanks to qualified doctors for the procedures. Also there are always interesting excursions and trips.


Grodno region is a paradise for tourism
Excursion to the sanatorium “Neman-72”

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