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копия_ Hydropathy and balneotherapy

Hydromassage tub has a tonic effect, stimulates the excitation processes in the central nervous system, increases the emotional activity, normalizes the process of deceleration, tones the muscles, stimulates blood and limphacirculation, and removes psycho-emotional and physical stress.

Indications: hypertension, functional disorders of the central nervous system, neurosis, neurasthenia, disturbance of peripheral blood circulation, burnout syndrome, disorders of lipid metabolism, asthenic conditions, to improve the safety of immune biological powers, neuritis and polyneuritis, trophic disorders in muscles, improves skin elasticity, the elasticity of the muscles.

Water temperature – 36ºS – 37 ° C. Time of procedure – 10-15 minutes

The warm (38°C) rising douche is indicated in inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs (cystitis, adnexitis, gynecological diseases), cool (21°C – 33ºC) – hemorrhoids, bedwetting, cold (20°C) – impotence functional character.
Time of procedure – 5 minutes.

Primarily it has thermal effects on the body. Local and general freshwater baths of varying temperature and duration are applied.

Common cold and cool (20°C to 33ºC), designated as short (1-5 minutes) treatments with simultaneous or subsequent grinding the body, bath with systematic application have a tonic effect (invigorating), activate the metabolism, train adaptive mechanisms of the organism , reduce sensitivity to cold.
Indifferent temperature bath (34ºC – 36ºC) has a sedative and antipruritic effect.
Warm baths (up to 38 ° C) reduces irritability, normalize sleep, have analgesic, antispasmodic and vasodilator action.
The duration of the cold and warm baths for 10-20 minutes
Hot tub (39ºC – 40°C) are more intense stimulus and held for 2-5 minutes, improve microcirculation, increase the rate of metabolism, act as analgesic and antispastic.
The main indications: functional disorders of the central nervous system.
Water has an irritating effect on the skin receptors. This irritation is transmitted to the nervous system and involves the response of the whole organism. Aromatic and medicinal substances are added in bath In order to enhance the action of fresh water.

VALERIAN BATH is considered the most accessible and harmless therapeutic and prophylactic agents that target, first of all, the treatment of neuroses, sleep disorders. Also valerian bath is used for epilepsy among children, in pathological menopause, fatigue, and others.

HERBAL BATH is used in medical and hygienic purposes increase the body’s defenses, its resistance to unfavorable factors. Depending on the composition of herbs the indications are following: rheumatism, inflammatory disease, a joint disease, and chronic processes in the bronchopulmonary system, eczema, trophic ulcers.
Herbal baths are used by both local and general. The duration is 10-20 minutes at a bath temperature 36ºS – 37C.

According to legend, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra maintained her beauty and youth by adopting a honey-milk baths. Description of the medicinal and recreational bathing, we find in the books of the ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans and other nations. Recipes with milk and honey, as the sources for the extension of youth, beauty and health, often found in the medical manual of the Middle Ages. For generations, these recipes are preserved, having reached our time. Begin to take care of your body is never too late, but it’s better not to postpone it indefinitely, and do it right now to use the bath of “Cleopatra.” This honey and milk bath is a wonderful tool for ongoing preventive health care. It is directed to the skin, removes the release of sweat and sebaceous glands, opens pores and removes toxins from the body, penetrate into the pores, acting through the cell membrane in the bloodstream, supplies the  body with necessary substances and trace elements.
Bath “Cleopatra” will help you to stay young as long as possible, and that means that you will forget about your illnesses, diseases, will attach yourself confidence, improve your self-esteem, give yourself a true bliss, courage, beauty, power over time.

In the mud baths is used sapropelic medicinal mud extract. Mud baths are used for ongoing preventive health care. Baths have a directed action on the skin, remove the discharge of sweat and sebaceous glands, affect the circulatory system, supply the necessary body and trace elements, and nourish it. The complex of antioxidants that are in sapropelic mud, protects the body from the ravages of acid radicals, slowing the aging process.
Indications: diseases of the joints, spine, psoriasis, allergic (atopic dermatitis), diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, eczema, prevention of skin health.

In basis of whirlpool bath is thermal and mechanical stimulation. Staying in warm water causes relaxation of the muscles of the body and reduces pain, allowing carrying out vigorously mechanical and thermal stresses and affecting the deeper tissues.
Water current massage on both sides of the body improves blood and lymph formation, stimulates metabolism and trophic processes in the tissues, promotes the rapid resorption of inflammatory foci in them, reciprocal relationship normalizes muscle antagonists.
Whirlpool bath is indicated for the consequences of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system (spine, joints, muscles, tendons); vertebrogenic pathology of the peripheral nervous system; mono- and polyneuropathy GBS; ankylosing spondylitis; cerebral palsy; progressive muscular dystrophy; varicose veins; disorders of lipid metabolism; pathological climax.

The use of essential oils goes back centuries. such Famous ancient physicians as Avicenna, Hippocrates, Galen, etc., are widely used in their medical practice the healing power of plants.
Almost all essential oils are powerful antiseptics exhibit antimicrobial activity, are potent regulators of emotional background, beneficial effects on the nervous system, endocrine glands, organs, circulatory, gastrointestinal tract and other systems. Baths are the most simple and at the same time a nice way to use essential oils. This prevention of skin irritations, muscle aches, arthritis, rheumatism. Baths can be hot and cool.

Pine bath is widely used for sedation (calming), analgesic, antispasmodic, and vasodilatory actions.
Indications for pine bath are neuroses, cardiopsychoneurosis, hypertension I-IIA degree, hypothalamic syndrome, the effects of traumatic brain injury, peptic ulcer disease.
Water temperature 35°C – 37 ° C, the duration of the bath – 10-15 minutes.

Pearl baths are prepared by passing air under a pressure of 1-2 atm. through a special grate, put on the bottom of the tub. The Grate is a conduit system with a large number of small holes. Air supplied via an air compressor connected to the grate by a system of rubber tubing. The air comes from the small holes under the pressure. The air seethes and bubbles and in the water it shimmers like pearls, and therefore the baths called “pearl.” The patient, who is in a bathtub, experiencing a pleasant sensation of skin irritation due to mechanical effect of air bubbles and the temperature difference between the effects of water and air bubbles. Baths have a calming effect and are effective for functional disorders of the central nervous system.

Starch bath has enveloping effect of the skin. Starch bath is Suitable for skin diseases accompanied by itching.
Water temperature 36ºC – 37°C, the duration of the bath – 30 minutes.

Soap-bubble bath has an anti-inflammatory effect, is used in skin diseases accompanied by itching, widely used in pediatric practice in exudative itching. Soap solution is poured into a bath with hot water and whisk until foaming.
Water temperature 38°C – 39ºc, the duration of the bath – 10-16 minutes.

Turpentine baths have a marked expansion of peripheral vascular disease, which manifests itself flushing of the skin, slows the heart rate and deepens breathing, lower blood pressure, reduce the excitability of the nervous system.
Turpentine baths are indicated for chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, acute respiratory diseases, asthma, primary manifestations of coronary heart disease, neurosis and metabolic disorders.

The temperature of the common baths – 36ºC – 38°C, the duration of the bath – 10-15 minutes.

We also offer the following procedures:

  • BISHOFIT BATH with Silver Ions;
  • MINERAL BATH “SAUNABATH”: with aromatic oils  of 33 herbs and extracts of the leaves and buds of birch.