Sanatorium “Neman-72”

pin230031, Belarus, Grodno, Sanatornaya st, 23

Light breath

The program is designed for the recovery of patients with disorders of the respiratory system. Indications:  Chronic obstructive bronchitis. Bronchial[…]

Laser therapy

A systematic approach to the treatment of joints: laser Nowadays, the main diseases of the joints remain arthritis and osteoarthritis. Arthritis[…]

Oxygen cocktails

The benefits of an oxygen cocktail  Every woman wants to shine with health, striking surrounding a beautiful complexion and delight[…]

A healthy stomach

Indications: chronic gastritis gastroduodenity diseases of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas chronic constipation.   Composition of procedures Number of procedures 14[…]

Be healthy

The program is designed for patients with reduced immunity, often suffering from respiratory diseases. Indications: frequently suffering of catarrhal disease The[…]

Bishofit bath

Bischofit is a natural mineral, which lies near the underground reservoirs. It is an ionic complex, which is predominant in a magnesium[…]


It enriches the air with ions essential oils, “revives” and brings it to the air of forests and fields, thus[…]