Sanatorium “Neman-72”

pin230031, Belarus, Grodno, Sanatornaya st, 23

Mud applications (sapropelic)

Mud has a pronounced resolving, analgesic, accelerate resorption of adhesions, scar help restore motor function. Studies have shown that the[…]


Indications: Fat metabolism disorders Cellulite Excess of body weight. Composition of  procedures Number of procedures 14 days 21 day  […]


Indications: Asthenoneurotic state Autonomic dysfunction syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome. Composition of procedures Number of procedures 14 days 21 day Reception[…]


Spa-wraps – body and soul relax The majority of people cannot imagine their life without SPA, and others just beginning[…]

Spa capsule

The SPA capsule performs the following procedure: Anti-cellulite program; Weight loss; Restoring skin elasticity; Skin rejuvenation; Removing of muscle fatigue;[…]