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Dry carbonic bath

This is one of the types of spa treatment. Based on the ability of carbon dioxide in certain concentrations to stimulate[…]

Turpentine baths

Studying the problems of hydrotherapy resorts, A.S. Zalmanov (doctor, naturopath and gerontologist) has convinced wonderful healing properties of the water[…]


The procedure of Hydromassage (Underwater shower massage) refers to the additional procedures that are the part of programs to improve the health[…]

Oxygen cocktails

The benefits of an oxygen cocktail  Every woman wants to shine with health, striking surrounding a beautiful complexion and delight[…]

Bishofit bath

Bischofit is a natural mineral, which lies near the underground reservoirs. It is an ionic complex, which is predominant in a magnesium[…]


It enriches the air with ions essential oils, “revives” and brings it to the air of forests and fields, thus[…]


Spa-wraps – body and soul relax The majority of people cannot imagine their life without SPA, and others just beginning[…]